Monday, January 02, 2006

SMS Spam?

"ToSnipe" list 2006:

1) SMS Spam

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Steve Jobs needs to partner with Sirius

I decided to ebay my ipod nano and buy a portable Sirius satellite radio today. Let me say i am very impressed. I paid 100$ for the yearly subscription, got 100% commercial free music, (talk radio has commercials). It stores your mp3s and you can also listen to satellite radio. Pretty cool rite?

BTW Mel Karmazin is an excellent CEO, and is doing a great job so far revolutionizing radio. Thank god he left Viacom! (Viacom are a bunch of stiffs with no forward thinking)

But what does this mean for Apple's ipods?

My vision is: people will get bored with their playlist of mp3's and will want quicker access to fresh content. I have a ton of mp3s on my computer at home probably over 100GB and i get tired of my playlists! synchronizing my ipod is also a pain in the ass.

Apple definitely needs to take advantage of their enormous market share in the portable digital player market and partner with sirius to stay ahead. I believe it's Steve Jobs who once said "you need to know what feature the user want's before they know they want it".

This is definitely something people will want, and rite now they don't know they want it :)

Just imagine if your Ipod had a section on it's main menu for your mp3 playlists and a section for your fav Sirius satellite radio stations?

- Ipod main menu -
[apple logo] [ Playlists]
[lil sirius dog icon] [ Sirius Satellite Radio ]

would be pretty slick if you ask me :-)